Tessa Cooper is a freelance editor based in Springfield, MO. Currently, she is the freelance editor for 417 Home.

— Editing —

As the editor for 417 Home, I work with a team of writers, photographers and designers to create a magazine that celebrates beautiful local homes. From my childhood bedroom to my downtown apartment, I’ve always had a passion for decorating, rearranging and scouting for the newest addition to bring home. Getting to come up with home-focused story ideas and see my vision carried through is a huge honor. After all, studies have shown our surroundings have a big influence on how we feel and what we can accomplish. I complete this position as a freelance contractor.

417 Home | Fall 2018

For a magazine editor, fall starts in spring. While most people were looking for fresh flowers for their porches, I was busy working with Ozark Mt. Flower Truck to generate a story assignment about making dried fall flower wreaths. This issue marked the first time 417 Home has dedicated an entire feature to historic homes in the area. Working with a local historian and our art director, we chose four homes with beauty, character and unique stories. Our talented writer honored the past and highlighted the hard work each owner has put in to preserve history.